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Your flooring will complete the overall look and feel of your property. Gleaming, well-polished floors seal the deal and elevate a humble property to look high-end and stunning. But foot traffic, furniture, and things like UV exposure or moving furniture around, mean that your shiny timber flooring will eventually show signs of deterioration, especially areas such as entrances, hallways, and kitchens, they will bear the most wear and tear and will show signs of deterioration quicker than other areas of the house. Achieving your dream shiny floor is not too far away from reality now, because you can even DIY some steps yourself! If your space has high foot traffic, hiring a professional team to complete the restoration will not only fasten but will ensure quality that will last over time. 

Polishing refers to the process of giving your timber flooring a protective topcoat finish (such as water or oil-based polyurethane), while sanding removes the top surface of the wooden floors for refurbishing or restoration. It strips away the top coat and/or shaves an actual thin layer of the timber. Sanding and polishing go hand in hand because when timber is sanded back it is vulnerable and the fibres are exposed to being damaged by moisture or scratches, therefore, the polish adds a protective layer, sealing the timber as well as the glorious shine. The cost of floor sanding and polishing will vary depending on the surface of your floor and your desired outlook.

kitchen timber flooring townsville
Shiny gleaming timber floors are a wonder to look at, but they also bear the weight of wear-and-tear of daily activities.

Solid timber such as hardwood and pine

Floor sanding is the most effective way to remove previous layers of colour and/or sealant, the act of sanding involves removing a top layer of timber therefore the stronger and more durable the timber as well as its thickness will determine how many times a floor can be refinished in its lifetime. Solid timber flooring is the most ideal type of timber for polishing and sanding. Au Naturale, these floors aren’t as high maintenance as others since it is good to go with light sanding and polishing. But this will also depend on how often and how well you have it maintained.

Engineered Timber

At the first glance, it could be hard to determine the difference between engineered timber flooring and real timber. Engineered timber floors are a good, affordable alternative to real timber and sustainable material for homes and spaces alike, as they can be sanded and refinished a couple of times in their lifetime. What is engineered timber? They are usually made from layers of scrap wood, shredded wood fibres, and sawdust topped with an actual layer of timber, either oak or spotted gum. Thin layers are sandwiched beneath to make us the bulk of the strength and depth of the timber plank. They are manufactured to have laminated layers that look like a solid wood finish. This topmost layer is usually made from a thin veneer that easily wears off from wear and tear. Depending on how busy your space’s foot traffic is, and your periodic maintenance, your engineered timber should be refreshed every 4-7 years to extend its life and aesthetic. 

parquet floor sanding townsville
Parquet finish is a classic favourite for Australian homes.

Parquet from solid timber

Restoration of parquet from solid timber presents a challenge and it is a job best undertaken by experienced contractors. They may be a beaut, but they are delicate to work on as this type of flooring has a surface that is not uniform due to the nature of the timber pattern. The age of the flooring is also something to consider. If your home has solid timber parquet, there is always the risk of cross-grain scratching because of the uneven grain. Speaking of the grain, sanding against it can also tear down the timber fibres faster than sanding with it. But the end result of leaving the labour to the experts will always be worth the wait and the $$$.

engineered timber flooring townsville
Time to bring back your timber floors to life!


Before you go and organise for your floors to be sanded, check if their material is fit for refurbishing, or else, you’re just wasting your money, better yet, get an onsite quote to really find out what you’re dealing with. Timber floor repairs and replacement could cost a lot on your end. There are countless options and custom finishes that are available for your home. If you’re looking for an affordable but durable professional restore your flooring, Floor Sanding Townsville proudly offers quality workmanship with no hefty price tag. Because elegance doesn’t have to be expensive.

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