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Timber floors are an asset; they are a very popular flooring choice for both homes and commercial spaces alike, famous for their durability and their aesthetic value. Polished timber flooring will enhance a space’s elegance, and professionalism and leaves a positive first impression on prospective clients and business partners. Offices, entertainment venues, and other commercial spaces are brightened with shiny, gleaming floors. But with gleaming floors comes a challenging responsibility: what is the proper way to maintain the beauty of a timber floor in a commercial space? The type of flooring you have as well as the daily use of the space will determine how frequently and how extensive your maintenance and restoration will be to keep your timber floors looking great for decades to come. 

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Timber floors are a superstar asset for homes and commercial spaces alike.

Types of commercial spaces that have timber floors

Timber floors can be easily spotted anywhere —from your local favourite cafes and restaurants to the coolest entertainment venues, swanky offices, real estate agents, and larger government and public establishments. Even though timber flooring may be found in the more premium properties, the elegance of this type of flooring is hard to replicate. Commercial properties which invest in “expensive” timber floors save in the long run because timber floors are durable, and last for many decades, often outliving other types of flooring such as synthetic flooring types. What’s not to love about timber floors? It is a total package: benefits of timber flooring include that it is eco-friendly, allergen safe, suitable for our hot, humid climate and can be restored multiple times over in its lifetime. That’s why companies and businesses could never go wrong in choosing timber floors.

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Timber floors add unparalleled elegance to every event.

The need to maintain your timber flooring in your commercial space

With the restrictions being lifted and businesses finding their groove again, commercial spaces and offices should expect an increase in return customers which means an increase in foot traffic. Commercial spaces are obviously more open to the public and larger than most homes, which will inevitably lead to quicker deterioration of the timber, and that’s why maintenance and restoration costs will occur more frequently and at higher rates than residential spaces. For that crisp, impressive, professional look, a well-maintained floor is important, unless you are going for that rustic chic look, then distressed floorboards may be an intentional part of your decor. 

Precautions can be taken to reduce deterioration on your timber floorboards such as scratches, dents, and water damage. Starting from simple daily tasks like sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping using recommended cleaning agents and using table and chair protectors to avoid scratching, you have geared up for the long run. Shoes can be the culprit of some wear and tear, especially if you run an events business that hosts events where people wear high heels, these often leave marks on timber flooring therefore it is important to invest in high-quality coatings and sealants. 

How frequently you should sand and recoat floors

There is no set rule about when you should re-sand or recoat your timber floors because it will all boil down to the current appearance and state of your wooden floors, and the use of the space such as a dance floor as opposed to an office. There are many things to consider, such as the type of wood and the quality of protective coatings. To provide an example, think of an office and a cafe. Which place receives more people? It’s usually the bustling cafes that capture a lot of customers and curious visitors alike as compared to a regular office. For commercial property owners, it’s safe to estimate an average of 5 to 10 years in between for regular maintenance. Consider getting a professional flooring team to see what refurbishing or repair your floor needs to be done to get it to the desired look, this way you know how much to budget and also how frequently you need to get this service done. The cost of restoring timber floors will be based on the area that needs to be sanded as well as the condition of the flooring. 

Timber floors are investments! With proper maintenance and repair, its glory will live for years.


No matter how busy a space’s foot traffic is, as long as the floors are well-maintained and looked after, they should last for generations. Taking care of your timber floors will definitely give you a high return on your investment. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying cheaper materials, but most often, just maintaining wooden floors outlives newer installations such as floating floors in synthetic varieties. Maintenance for your timber flooring is never too tough or complicated when you trust the right team for consultation and actual restoration of your beloved timber floors. Townsville Floor Sanding offers solutions that meet your needs and your budget. Bring back the glory of your timber floors today! Celebrate your timber floors—the exquisite standard for elegance and durability.

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