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How much does floor sanding cost in Townsville?

One thing that a lot of properties in Townsville have in common is beautiful timber floors, which are oftentimes hardwood. Flooring is a vital part to get right, of every renovation whether it be an old Queenslander that needs sprucing up or a cafe where the floorboards experience high traffic every day and they are starting to look tired and worn out. One of the most worn-out parts of every home is the flooring: it is walked on, scratched by furniture and pets, sometimes there are even signs of cracking due to moisture and expansion, and of course, termites are just some of the common problems that are seen on timber floors. With the constant wear and tear, timber flooring will eventually show signs of deterioration and will require restoration to not only look shiny and new again but for the timber itself to remain strong and protected. 

To avoid paying a hefty sum for timber floor replacement, or needing to cover those glorious hardwood floors with carpet or lino, invest in restoring your timber floor, to keep it looking visually pleasing, and to extend the length of their use. Floor sanding and polishing is the ultimate solution to bring back your tired floorboards to life. Floor sanding could be a little complicated and can get very messy if you do it yourself, considering that hiring someone to do this task of your renovation would be a wise investment. The cost of sanding your floors is influenced by the type of timber you have, the size of the area to be sanded, and the access to the equipment.

We’ve come up with a comprehensive list to guide you in estimating your floor sanding budget.

4 benefits of timber flooring
Resanding gives your floor a brand new refresh.

Factors that influence the cost of restoring a timber floor

These are the influencing factors that determine the price of sanding, polishing, and restoring your timber flooring.

Size of area to be sanded, furniture removal, and clearing of the area to be sanded 

Are you sanding the floor of your whole house or just your living room? Where are the areas of concern that need to be addressed? Before the sanding commences, furniture and other items need to be moved from the space to be sanded. Your family will also have to vacate the area and trust us when we say that you will want to be out of the house when the noise of the drum sander begins. Usually, a floor sanding quote is calculated by the floor space to be sanded in square metres by the type of finish you require.

The shape of the area to be sanded

Rectangular-shaped areas are less costly than more complicated spaces such as hallways or smaller, narrow areas which would take more maneuvers or different equipment to sand. 

Condition of existing floorboards

The condition of your floorboards including the extent of scratches, discolouration, uneven boards, and other damage to the floorboards will influence the cost to restore them. Perhaps your floorboards only need a light sand and refinish, therefore the cost will be lower than if your flooring is damaged in areas to the extent of needing to replace floorboards or deeper scratches and dents that need to be sanded back. When you are getting an on-site quote, the contractor will be able to see the condition of the flooring and give you an accurate assessment of what needs to be done to reach your desired outcome. The more damaged and the older your timber flooring is, the more labour-intensive your repair would be, which will thereby increase the cost. The condition of your flooring will influence your timber floor restoration options

Special coatings and solvents 

You’ve invested in restoring your timber flooring, and now is the perfect time to make sure that your flooring is sealed and protected, with the aid of top-quality materials. You will have the option of what type of sealant is to be used, including if you want a stain. Aside from the standard treatment used to polish your timber once it is sanded, such as a varnish, an additional layer of protection or coating could further enhance the longevity of your floor. The number of coatings will also influence the price. 

A wide range of protective coatings such as water-based and solvent-based coatings or wood stains are among the most common coatings used for floor sanding. Water-based solutions have faster curing time but could cost you more. Solvent coatings, on the other hand, need more time to dry and have a strong smell as they cure, this may be another reason why you should plan to vacate the home for a period of time while the work is being done.

broken timber wood floor repolish repair townsville
The more damaged your floorboards are, the more repair to be done. Sometimes it requires letting everything go.

The average cost of floor sanding and polishing in Townsville 

The exact cost of floor sanding and polishing will vary from project to project and no two jobs are exactly alike. As a rough guide, you can expect to pay between $40- $65+ per square meter for floor sanding in Townsville. This includes sanding back to timber and 2 coats of water or solvent-based polyurethane coatings. Keep in mind the general rule of “you get what you pay” very much applies in the context of floor sanding and polishing. The floor sanding contractor that gives you the cheapest quote may not produce the quality finish you are after. When getting quotes from contractors ask them to provide images of their previous work and if possible visit some of their previous job sites, where you can examine their work with a fine tooth comb. As the quality of workmanship can be very difficult to see in pictures alone.

timber floor needs resanding
Just because your floorboards are worn out doesn’t mean you can’t bring its beloved shine back.

What to look for in a floor restoration quote 

It is easy to google “floor sanding contractor” or “floor sander near me”. But what you need to see is a team that would surely get the job done for you—quality service within a competitive price range. Floor sanding is a time-consuming process that needs precision, quality equipment, and experience to be accomplished at a high standard, to preserve and protect your timber. From the initial onsite quote of cost per square metre, your contractor should also provide a time frame for when the work can be done.

Our team at Floor Sanding Townsville will transform and bring back the shiny beauty of your timber floor. Services include timber floor sanding and polishing, dust-free floor sanding, hardwood floor refinishing, deck restoration, and timber deck polishing, complete with a free initial quote for your project.

timber floor resanding townsville

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