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When building a new home or renovating an older home the choice of flooring you decide will go a long way in determining the new look. As well as the aesthetic factor different flooring options have different functional characteristics that one must carefully consider. Polished timber floors are one of the most popular options for homeowners in Townsville for a number of reasons here are just some of those reasons.

Timber Floors look amazing

Nothing quite beats the look of a bright and shiny freshly restored timber floor. The timber look is a timeless classic which is suited to a range of style homes from classic Queenslander homes to more modern style homes. The variety of stains and finishes available mean that you can get a colour to compliment the overall colour scheme of your home.

Unlike carpet, there’s no need to vacuum it regularly to keep it looking great. All you need to do is lightly sweep it and occasionally mop it. Furthermore, the natural lines and markings in timber floors help to conceal dirt and dust meaning you won’t have to clean the floor as often whilst still maintaining that beautiful natural look!

timber floors are durable
Timber floors are durable so you don’t have to worry about dirty shoes damaging your floors

Timber floors are sustainable

A new report from Planet Ark Make it Wood shows that timber floors are more environmentally friendly than other flooring options. This makes them an excellent option for anyone who is concerned about sustainability. With many older Queenslander homes featuring timber floorboards it’s the natural option. For those constructing new homes or building an extension another idea is to utilise reclaimed timber.

Reclaimed timber offers a unique and rustic look. Reclaimed timber may feature branded imprints or rustic nail marks. It may even have a story to tell, such as being salvaged from a grain shed or wine cellar. This gives you the added benefit of knowing the true history of the timber you’re purchasing. Moreover, reclaimed timber is renewable, and is available in many sizes and species. It’s pretty cool to give the timber a new life and know that your floor has it’s own history behind it.

timber flooring is a sustainable flooring option
Timber floors are a sustainable flooring option

Timber floors can be restored

If your timber floors have been damaged or are looking a little dull, there are several restoration options. First, you can give them a good clean using timber floor cleaner then apply some floor polish to the floor, followed by buffing. If they’re in need of some more in-depth restoration you can give them a light sand and a recoat. Lastly, if your timber floors are scratched and faded in areas you may need a full sand back to timber and coating. All these steps will help you maintain the neat look of your timber floors.

timber floors can be restored through sanding and polishing
Timber floors can be restored to their former glory

Timber Floors For Townsville Homes

As well as looking great, timber floors have many other benefits, including their durability and sustainable nature. And as we all know, timber floors can be restored if they start to look worn down. That’s a big plus for those who are environmentally conscious. These are among some of the many reasons why so many Townville residents choose timber flooring as their go to flooring option.

Choose Townsville’s timber floor restoration professionals

If you’ve got worn out timber flooring and you’re wanting to refresh and restore your timber floors to their former glory, we can provide you with the complete timber restoration solution for your needs. Whether it be interior timber floors or an outdoor timber deck. When it comes to timber floor restoration in Townsville, QLD we’re the professionals you can trust for the right advice, the best quality workmanship, at a great price!

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